Harvesting water from air with less energy
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    Efficiency degradation

    Among the few (actually working) “free” or “cheap” energy devices, solar panels are fascinating devices. Prices have been dropping steadily for several years now, and for many people they are a really – also financially – viable alternative. And although efficiency and quality has improved over the years, a solarpanel is not a solarpanel is not a solarpanel. In other words, not all panels are created equal, and not all panels last equally well. And that’s not just mechanically, but also electrically. Panel efficiency can vary a lot – depending on many factors – but also the longevity can vary quite a bit.

    Ten times less degradation

    Some panels have been measured – tested, by real researchers – and proven to be degrading through exposure to the Sun much less than other panels. In more concrete numbers, that’s a difference between 0,1% efficiency degradation from solar exposure up to 1% per year – the latter is no less than ten times as much. Kind of worrying when one just has invested a small fortune into an extensive solar installation.

    I think the below video – although rather commercial in nature – shows some interesting stuff when it comes to panel quality. It is good to see that not all production and innovation these days comes from the Orient: these are US designed and manufactured panels of very high quality and efficiency: up to 22%. Protected by reams of patents, and of innovative design. They even look different from standard panels: the cells seem all deep black, much like mono-crystalline cell panels, but darker, which I find interesting.

    If you’re contemplating a solar installation it is worth having a look at this (professionally made) YouTube video.


    Another, more in-depth video also worth watching is this one:


    The latter one is showing some interesting stuff about manufacturing, efficiency, temperature considerations and more.

    Maritime Solar – why not yet?

    Finally, we have a little clip with certified electro-nut Robert Llewellyn with a nice electric boat – something that I know would be quite interesting here in the Philippines as well, albeit of a completely different design of course. It’s a really nice ship – but what I don’t understand is the lack of solar panels on that boat’s roof. Considering the type of boats predominantly locally used here, which is a type of Polynesian-inspired design with outriggers, much like a catamaran, I would say that there’s plenty of room for a number of panels on the roof and perhaps even on the left and right outriggers.



    Harvesting water from air with less energy
    Chucking ideas in the air
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