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    images (10)The recent so called independent Academic tests of Rossi’s LENR technology was at the very least, a train wreck waiting to happen.

    Before proceeding with this article we wish to state that all of us at Revolution-Green are supporters of LENR and the fine research being conducted world wide by many reputable scientists, companies and research organisations. We also highly recommend you read further about these developments at the New Energy Times or our friends at eCat News 

    I remember the  questions being asked at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Holland last Year in regards to break through energy projects.

    1. How do we get mainstream media recognition?
    2. How do we get Universities and mainstream science involved ?
    3. How do we get investors to back these technologies?
    4. How do we get taken seriously?

    The answers are simple.

    1. Stop dwelling on negatives and conspiracy theories
    2. Stop declaring everything real before any credible evidence is presented
    3. And above all get third party independent testing.

    If you want to achieve all of the above you have to play by their rules of engagement rather than demanding to change them. Accept that independent verification using scientific methodology will always be a requirement.

    images rossiThis brings us to Mr Rossi. From day one Rossi has played a eCat and mouse games with testing protocols for the last two years. Many scientists, investors and engineers have asked for simple, recognized calorimetric tests to be performed. To date no tests have ever been allowed to the satisfaction of those wanting to do the testing. It is unfortunate the publicity Rossi is getting as it brings credibility issues to the entire field. Recently a test report which was presented as a real independent academic qualification was released. It was hailed by the alternative energy media as final proof. Sadly, it is was well short of being anything that could be considered independent or even to a standard required for publication and peer review. It is being slammed by many academics with open letters and recently the most detailed account of  the reports short comings was released. This account  was published by Göran Ericsson and Stephan Pomp, Division of applied nuclear physics,Uppsala University, Sweden.

    The full account is :

    Abstract: In a recent report titled “Indications of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device containing hydrogen loaded nickel powder” and published on arXiv,G. Levi and co‐workers put forth several claims concerning the operations and performance of the so‐called E‐Cat of Andrea Rossi. We note first of all that the circumstances and people involved in the test make if far from being an independent one.We examine the claims put forth by the authors and note that in many cases they are not supported by the facts given in the report. The authors seem to jump to conclusions fitting pre‐conceived ideas where alternative explanations are possible. In general we find that much attention is drawn to trivialities while important pieces of information and investigation are lacking and seem not to have been conducted or considered. These are characteristics more typically found in pseudo‐scientific texts and have no place in a technical/scientific report on this level.
    We also note that the proposed claims would require new physics in not only one but several areas. Besides a cold‐fusion like process without production of any radiation also extreme new material properties would be needed to explain what rather seems to be a problem of correct measurement. Therefore, it is clear to us that a truly independent and scientific investigation of the so called E‐Cat device, convincingly demonstrating an“anomalous heat energy production” has not been presented in the arXiv report and is thus ,to‐date, still lacking.

    The coverage of the above by New Energy Times goes into a lot more detail

    The next question that should be asked is why has no one purchased any of these miracle devices? There are no buyers of the 1MW  despite many potential investors and customers having visited and reviewed. The reason is simple. No one was ever allowed to conduct due diligence using accepted protocol and standards. No amount of proclaiming, conspiracy theories and finger pointing is going to bring this technology to fruition.

    download ecatI feel sad for the academics involved. Their enthusiasm for being involved in a break through energy technology is expected but that is no excuse for dropping standards or not calling in the expertise required for determining the correct measurement protocols and performing the measurements. This is not uncommon in science where a researcher may focus on what they see to support their hypothesis as opposed to putting a blind eye to what what does not. Perhaps a background check on Rossi may have alerted them to proceed with caution.

    This is an excellent example of what not to do. Do not blame anyone but the people involved in this fiasco. It is not the fault of science, skeptics, investors or mainstream media. As for the other researchers and LENR projects? Let us hope they continue their excellent work in this exciting field and learn from this what will be required to convince the world. It has been said extraordinary claims require extra ordinary proof. This is not correct, it just means people are going to be extra careful and conservative in expressing opinions and drawing conclusions from experiments conducted and data gathered.



    Magnetic Breakthrough For Experimenters
    Quentron Quantum Energy Converter
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