Fusion Reactor About To Fireup
    Shining more light on solar panels

    The following was a letter to the CMNS forum by a prominent researcher. It was forwarded to me by a friend, who like me, believes cold fusion is real, but is not reliable or practical at the moment to be considered a current solution to our energy needs. We both believe that cold fusion warrants serious research and the allocation of resources needed.

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    More importantly the author suggests how reckless behavior and self serving publicity can damage genuine research  efforts. I have removed the authors name as I did not have his permission to reproduce the email.

    Letter to the CMNS Group,
    The field’s not “dying”, its killing itself and inviting buzzards to dine at our table.

    We’ve hosted wannabees, their friends, investors and followers.  I appreciate their desire. Twenty-six years is a long time to wait for the commercialization of Cold Fusion/LENR/LANR/CMNS.   Though many would prefer we go away, a lot of people would like our field to be real.  But that doesn’t remove the hard work and judgement to know what’s real and what isn’t.  Very few people are willing to put a lifetime’s work into a field, let alone one ridiculed by the scientific community.   I know what this feels like: I’ve worked on nearly every form of fusion for 40 years.

    The CMNS group has shown Rossi, his investors, and purported independent replicators enormous leeway- without one single peer-reviewed paper.  Rossi’s antics caused at least two members of this community to drop out:  why pursue understanding fractions of a watt when someone’s hit the megawatt jackpot? Only he hasn’t.  I estimate that Rossi and his follower’s antics have cost a decade’s worth of work and well into seven figures in wasted effort chasing his phantom.  My lab was shutdown because of Rossi’s lying, and I’ve spent time and money explaining why what I do is different from Rossi.  Yet, it’s hard to talk over the noise of a purported megawatt device, even if it doesn’t exist.


    Is it a phantom?  What about Defkalion and Hadjichristos claims of  300 degree C superconductors?   With regards to nickel hydride, and all its various alloys, what do we have besides Piantelli’s original work in the early 90s, SRI’s LN2 calorimeter experiments,  Celani’s wires and Rossi’s seriously flawed demonstrations and replications?  At one time, Rossi claimed a specific Ni isotope was his fuel now it his ash.   Blacklight raised $90M on hydrinos.  Does that make it real?

    After the 1989 forced announcement by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, palladium futures briefly soared.  In the year following Rossi’s first announcement, foreign exchange traders rallied behind what they thought was the next big thing.  Later, others claimed dropping oil prices were brought about by Rossi’s eCat and kin, ignoring the Saudi’s and the US’s increased production in the face of dropping global demand.  Meanwhile, people, companies, and organizations are raising funds on the backs of those who have spent a lifetime in this research.

    Spanish prisoners, Brooklyn Bridges or Florida swampland, anyone?
    P.S. Many have stated that whatever Rossi has, or doesn’t have, he’s brought attention to the field and followers to conferences.  On the contrary, Rossi’s antics raised the bar for any research to produce tens of kW of power rather than understanding where mere watts arise.  If anyone could lay claim to “killing” the field, look no further.


    Fusion Reactor About To Fireup
    Shining more light on solar panels
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