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    DARPA: Energy Harvesting

    Recent reports released by an “Independent Third Party” on their analysis of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat HT system have got the world of free energy in a buzz. Critical questions are now coming forward that would suggest that the tests were both, not “Independent” and were not conducted in a accurate manner.




    It has been roughly two years since Rossi first announced his Ecat to the world. Claiming kilowatts of excess energy in the form of heat, the energy catalyzer has spurred new research into the field of Cold Fusion(LENR). The road has been long and bumpy ever since. Rossi’s journey has been clouded with inaccuracies, leaks of information, misguiding information, and Rossi’s own dark past.


    The recent report has renewed a frenzy confidence and new hope in LENR and in Rossi’s Ecat series. Frank Ackland, editor of E-Catworld.com, has closely followed Rossi’s saga and is in my opinion the most accurate news source on the Ecat. Frank correctly believes that 
    the report could be a major step towards acceptance.

    “There are people in industry, science and among the general public who have been paying attention but have been quite skeptical of Rossi’s claims will get off the fence and start taking him more seriously,” Acland told Wired.co.uk. “This is the kind of technology that people want to see come along, if only they could have solid reason to believe — and this report could provide that.”

    “The report — “Indication of anomalous heat energy production in a reactor device” — concludes that the E-Cat does produce excess energy, and lots of it. “Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements,” say the authors, “the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources.” The E-Cat produced at least ten times more energy than any hidden batteries or other power source could have supplied.”

    Steven Krivit, editor of New Energy Times shares my opinion on the recent test report. Krivit has been devout critic of Rossi since he made his first announcement.

    “This is a partially independent measurement, performed on a device that was built by and controlled by Rossi, and located in Rossi’s facility,” Krivit told Wired.co.uk. “The measurement was performed by some of the parties that have been involved in this scam since 2011. The fact that the authors of the paper have stated that they have performed an independent test is a significant misrepresentation and would qualify as research misconduct by some organisations.”

    I can only hope that Rossi’s trend of inaccurate testing methods, falsified claims of testing independence, and misleading comments, are not a deliberate attempt to hide the truth. The truth will find you out in the end and this will happen sooner or later. 


    View report below.


    Welcome and become a blogger
    DARPA: Energy Harvesting
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