Lightning Energy Storage System
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    This is a good story I am visiting for a second time. It represents many new battery technologies that are emerging and could have a huge impact on transport. This is one of the more serious attempts.


    download (65)The Ryden dual carbon battery, developed by Power Japan Plus, is a new, more sustainable, safer, longer-lasting and cost-effective battery technology. This high performance battery makes use of a completely unique chemistry, with both the anode and the cathode made of simple carbon. It also contains no metals, rare earth metals and no heavy metals, which is part of what makes it both cost competitive and sustainable.

    The dual carbon design used in the battery, combined with an organic electrolyte, allows for a unique current flow within the battery. Positively charged lithium ions flow to the anode and the negatively charged anions flow to the cathode. This shortens the distance of current flow within the battery,allowing for faster charge and discharge.


    Power Japan Plus has filed one patent and is preparing to file three more on the dual carbon battery.

    Research and Development

    Power Japan Plus is developing the dual carbon battery in partnership with Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. Kyushu University is one of the top ranked material science and engineering research university in the world.

    A battery utilizing a dual carbon design was first tested in the 1970s at another leading Japanese college, Kyoto University. Despite proving its potential, researches were not able to obtain an energy capacity high enough for commercial use.

    The design was then shelved for almost forty years, until doctor Tatsumi Ishihara, an applied chemistry professor at Kyushu University, began researching new chemistry for a dual carbon battery more than 10 years ago. His breakthrough work yielded a battery that is not only suitable for commercial use, but is more advanced than any battery currently available. Professor Ishihara then joined with Dr. Kaname Takeya and Power Japan Plus to bring the dual carbon battery to commercial markets.

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    Elon Musk and new battery technologies.

    Elon made a very interesting statement recently and has some good points. According to a story from

    It seems like every other day, some company somewhere is claiming some major breakthrough in battery technology. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is unimpressed and unfazed by these reports, though the upcoming Gigafactory will be ready should one of these battery breakthroughs pan out. When asked at a shareholder meeting if Tesla is worried about a battery breakthrough coming from elsewhere in the industry, Musk answered simply. He said that so far, none of the supposed breakthroughs have held up at a laboratory level or actually exceed Tesla’s own composition.

    As far as the Gigafactory goes, should one of these breakthroughs happen, it would be relatively simple to retool the factory to utilize the new anode or cathode, where most battery research is focused. In fact, Musk expects“…to evolve the anode and cathode. It’s not merely, ‘What if that happens.’ We expect that to happen.”

    Right now, lithium-ion batteries remain king of the energy storage world, but Musk is hopefully staying afoot of all the advancements being made. One of the most promising is the aluminum-air battery debuted by Phinergy and Alcoa, through a rival automaker could be the one to come up with a better battery at the end of the day.

    It’s obvious Musk and Tesla are looking well ahead into the future, and they won’t be caught by surprise when a battery breakthrough inevitably happens.

    Source: TeslaMondo

    Proving Out 

    Power Japan Plus is forming a joint development partnership with Team TAISAN, a Japanese institution in motorsports. Together, these two companies will design and build the first ever electric vehicle powered by a dual carbon battery. Under this partnership, Power Japan Plus will provide Ryden cells and Team TAISAN will leverage its vast experience in international racing to optimize the battery and develop a battery pack and management circuit.

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    Lightning Energy Storage System
    The Fuelless Engine
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