Saltwater Powered Car Runs 1,000 km on a Full Tank
    Carbon dioxide into ethylene

    Hopegirl and the QEG team are going to a protected space away from Trolls and other negative influences. They still do not have a working prototype anywhere in the world that can show one watt of excess energy, overunity or anything else you care to call it.

    As an organisation they have the right to make their own rules and that is a right that should be always defended. They will also create an environment  to control  anyone who dares to ask questions or challenge claimed results. They will be censored or excommunicated. That is the behavior a classic cult. In their own words” With our new platform, the trolls are locked out and our content is safe from infiltration and backed up on several platforms.  And we have full control of our own content, which gives us the ability to get things done quickly and ensure that our information is of the highest quality. This is extremely important, as the trolls and the meddlers on the internet have tried very hard to skew and confuse people about this project by putting out disinfo. So if you want to know what is REALLY going on with the peoples Free Energy Device, this is the best place to be.”


    ANNOUNCING: The QEG Free Energy Academy Membership Area

    In another move they have also announced another haven for a money raising scheme. In their own words: We’ve been working hard at the QEG Academy to create a safe online environment for alternative energy enthusiasts who are serious about their research. As a result of many months and years of research and plans for the ensured distribution of the QEG, we have discovered the tremendous benefits of creating a membership platform.

    Our goal has always been to create a space where people, who are actively participating in bringing new and controversial (disruptive) technology forward, can network and share ideas, display their projects, and further develop their research across the globe with others. Our dear friends over at the (volunteer) site, began with this intent but became infiltrated. So, in staying true to our original mission and course, we have worked tirelessly to create an online space that is free from suppression, government and corporate trolls and shills, and other forms of infiltration.

    Membership benefits in a nutshell:
    • As a QEG Academy member, you can create your own profile and connect with other members of the QEG Academy Community
    • Exclusive Video Gallery with footage not seen elsewhere
    • Access to high quality forums run by professionals. Forums include: testing results, experimentation descriptions and detailed project explanations, new ideas and concepts, business concepts around distribution and production, and other robust content
    • 15% Discount on QEG Academy educational materials and consultation

    Final words

    They have tried to intimidate others who dare question them through legal means. I welcome a legal challenge from them or even better, the right to test their machines and publish the results. They have to date never produced anything that has been claimed in the past. They have tried to pretend they never made such claims, but those files are well documented and copied..Furthermore they have not demonstrated the a ability to measure, analyse what they are testing as can be seen by the dozens of challenges by people with the skill set needed. Running away from the critics is their only option.

    As a group of enthusiasts wishing to experiment I wish them all the best and encourage them to do so. As for making false and misleading claims I am happy to express my current opinion that they never have or ever will produce anything they have claimed is possible.  
    Saltwater Powered Car Runs 1,000 km on a Full Tank
    Carbon dioxide into ethylene
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