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Energy From the Earth Update: Buyer Be Very Aware.

This is an update of a story we ran early in August. The official Website is http://energiauniversal.eco.br/. They were taking deposits and had prices, but have pulled that down for now. This has been replaced with the following notice. I suspect they obtained some good legal advice. I give them credit for that. However their is …

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News update on an actual Plasma engine! Bob Rohner

Bob Rohner, one of the original developers of the Papp Engine has been working on replicating the Papp engine. March 24th, Bob posted a video on his youtube channel updating us on his current progress. All information previously has shown that bob had successfully replicated single cylinders that pushed a single piston. This new update …

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Every so often we will be displaying crowdfunding campaigns that show potential to make it big.For starters, Mark Dansie has met a group that stands to make it big in the game technology arena. Check out Mad Genius Controller's campaign here.