New concepts for making inexpensive fuel from water
    America’s Cleanest and Dirtiest Energy States

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    Keshe new stacks

    With no expense spared to the management we present

    The Magravs-Power Blueprint Download Links

    Many thanks to our regular contributor “QuestionEverything” for the information and links. The following is quoted from his post

    After a full week of nonsense lecturing (“Blueprint Teaching Week”), Keshe finally published the “blueprints” of his free energy devices (“Magrav-Power systems”) today:


    Some additional warnings and restrictions are expounded here:


    A joke, as expected. Remember that quite a few people paid (including mandatory donation, transport, etc.) about 1000 EUR for this.

    The Reality

    The files were too large and too many to download so you will have to use the above link. This is not a free energy machine although it may be able to reduce your power bills by tricking the meter. I have no problem with the intentions and efforts of the inventor. His motivation and effort should be applauded. I do have problems with the claim. the following video has keshe introducing the technology. My advice is do not waste the two hours watching it.

    Safety Instructions and Assembly

    For anyone interested there are many videos on YouTube in regards to the construction. I have also listed the downloadable safety instructions following. remebr this is not a free energy device and I am really listing this story to open up the discussion.

    <iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    To use system you must follow steps

    1.Check for right polarity – phase connect to live and phase of load. Line which carries power mark it – go to power supply find live and connect live to live.

    Once connected sys to power supply leave for 2-3 days maybe to settle and nano coat – add small led light – 6 or 9-volt batteries to charge

    Do not connect immediately ANY resistive loads like heaters, old light bulbs, do not use fan heater 2kw, ovens

    Add 2nd small load – increase DC for about a week – 10 days

    Small resistive load – 500 w  – builds up over a week.

    Build up from 2 to 5 kw

    Cascade unit – additional unit in series – furthest point in house.

    Put meters on 4 kw out 1 kw

    Wind bars correctly – anti-clockwise

    Nanocoating – use caustic for 2nd time be sure to get a homogeneous coating

    Gans above copper above  – always oxidation

    Capacitors winding of paper or cloth is tight wind it anti clockwise

    Do not dry gans on cloth or paper.  Allow paste to dry

    Center sun system – good amount of gans – not liquid but a paste

    Always – bend your wires in at the ends – anti clockwise

    When you turn wires need to touch when you turn them back – NO

    Connect plasma to make  – how you connect them – a stacker of 4 5 capacitors

    Capacitor connections  – anti-clockwise twists

    Cascade capacitor (insulated material) – space between capacitors

    Connect plates:  neg to pos pos to neg

    DO NOT worry about how the system will perform

    Heating is only problem – toasters – heaters – DO NOT connect ANY chargers till after 3 weeks

    Careful! Hand Drill – cutting system – 1000 rev power works produces 1500 rev

    Car units: when you connect stacker unit  – G line (-) M on top (+)

    Bottom stacker (-) connected to manifold

    Top stacker (+) connects to 1 capacitor (-)

    Connect neg (-) of capacitor    pos (+) to top stacker

    Pos (+) of capacitor to battery (-)

    Plasma unit next to fuel tank

    Learn and teach about how to cut and use the plasma energy.



    Car unit: your AC is after connect to battery 1)DC and 1)AC is what’s used

    House unit: connect to 50 hertz add stacker get entry

    Do not use with tungsten lights, resistive loads

    Other Information

    The following snaps were taken from the downloaded files

    MAGGRAV circuit

    Mag house circuit setup



    New concepts for making inexpensive fuel from water
    America’s Cleanest and Dirtiest Energy States
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