smallwing.a8o3jox1vgw8skwk48g04owww.epjk1egmmwgs84sos8sc8ko80.thWind and Solar tend to dominate the green and alternative energy news. The silent dark horse is Wave Power. Many companies world wide are developing economically viable wave generators. The great advantage with waves is the consistency that can be achieved with generation, unlike wind and solar.

    One of the leading players in this field is  Inna Braverman’s company Eco Wave Power. Inna is only 27 years old and has recently been nominated for  “Young Sustainability Executive of the Year” in the 2013 Business Green Leaders Awards, to be held in London on July 3.

    According to there website: “Eco Wave Power is an advanced and innovative international wave power developer, headquartered in Israel. The company was established after a period of conceptualizing and planning for a new and competitive wave energy technology.

    innaEco Wave Power is the only wave energy company to ever win the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Eco Wave Power efficiently handles the prominent challenges prevailing in the field and offers an all-round solution for effective energy harvesting.

    The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean and sea waves and converting it into electricity. The Eco Wave Power wave energy converter is a simple and inexpensive technology to harvest wave energy from high and low waves.

    Our system is being developed to produce electricity for cheaper price than traditional energy generation methods such as: coal, oil and gas as well as renewable energy generation methods such as wind and Solar. This will be achieved by using low cost materials, low maintenance price and periods and long life expectancy.”

    When you think about it wave power makes a lot of sense. A full two-thirds of the world’s population  live within 400 kilometers of a seacoast. Just over half the world’s population – around 3.2 billion people occupy a coastal strip 200 kilometers wide (120 miles), representing only 10 per cent of the earth’s land surface.



    For further information please visit the website which is a wealth of information.

    Pictured is the Wave Clapper one of the technologies being developed by EPW.


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