The Papp Engine – Update on John Rohner.

    The Papp Engine – Update on John Rohner.

    I felt it was time to update the Papp Engine story with the news of an arrest warrant for John Rohner.

    I have personally researched and inspected in person three Papp engine projects. One is not known publicly, but has spent millions of dollars. None to date have self run or produced any excess energy. Having stated that I am of the opinion that some credible research continues.

    I met John Rohner on several occasions a few years back in Las Vegas. I was invited there to review the technology for some potential investors. I was promised several times demonstrations that never occurred. I offered advice how to build a simple rig to support the claims being made. That advice was ignored. I concluded when these promised demonstrations never took place, and numerous interviews with family members and other potential investors that there was no credible evidence supporting the device as claimed.

    I followed up with a visit to The CES in 2012 (with the late Mark E) to his stand which also failed exhibit any demonstrations or independent data to support the claims.

    I want to make it clear that John Rohner should not be associated with his brother Bob in anyway who is a credible researcher in the field. They have had a long running family feud.

    The technology is not on trial, but Johns behavior during the trial

    The following was sourced from Free energy Scams :

    Any inaccuracies,  corrections or updates please feel free to let us know.

    Arrest Warrant Issued for John P. Rohner

    Published April 9, 2016

    An arrest warrant was issued for John P. Rohner when he failed to appear at a court ordered hearing in Las Vegas, NV.

    Previously John Rohner had been convicted of contempt of court, (a separate charge from the original SEC charges Rohner was also found guilty of at a different hearing), in relation to his SEC civil fraud case. The Court held a hearing on March 28, 2016, at which the Court held Rohner in Contempt of Court. The hearing on April 8, 2016 was to determine what, if any, sanctions would be handed down on the contempt charge.

    Here is a copy of the minutes of proceedings relating to the Contempt of Court hearing on April 8, 2016.


    Our Original Story on Papp Engines from March 2013

    Josef Papp

    Josef Papp (1933 – April 1989) was a Hungarian immigrant to the US and held 3 US patents for a controversial engine he claimed ran on a Noble gas mixture. Papp’s engine was displayed running at several occasions, most notably the a demonstration in 1966 that ended with one fatality and 2 severely injured. Josef Papp was educated in Hungary before immigrating to the US. He claimed his background was in nuclear science and that this was how he was able to understand the physics of the Noble Gas Engine (NGE). Josef Papp was known as being a hermit and terribly paranoid that someone was going to steal his ideas. His paranoia and bitter personality is claimed to be the reason why he took his invention with him to the grave. Several companies and individuals have since tried to replicate the NGE and failed. Few have come increasingly close to unlocking what would be the greatest invention known to man.


    Noble Gass Engine(NGE)

    The NGE can be described as a piston engine that held sealed piston chambers filled with a noble gas mixture of helium (He),neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), and xenon (Xe). The NGE was completely self contained and the only input was electricity. Through a timer circuit and some high voltage; each piston was fired in order similar to a modern day combustion engine. The only difference was that the noble gas was not ignited, which makes sense, but simply excited with a high voltage spark (400kV range). The gas inside each piston was focused with coils surrounding each piston chamber. When hit with a high voltage spark the noble gas mixture which was pre-ionized with a radioactive electrode in each piston, expanded rapidly in the piston and produced a steam engine effect. This effect produced very little noise and almost no heat at all. The engine ran very smooth and quiet.  Papp’s engines, though never independently tested, were rated with an enormous horsepower and torque output for their size. Hundreds of people witnessed the NGE running and most were skeptical. One of these witnesses,  Richard Feynman, was a adamant skeptic of Papp’s work. Feynman was a noted theoretic physicist who had many published scientific theories and was even a Nobel Prize recipient. Feynman was convinced that Papp’s  engine was theoretically impossible and that Josef was a fraud.

    Papp’s Demonstration ended in 1 Dead and Two Injured


    “The public display of the Papp/Roser engine in Roser’s parking lot in Torrence, California, in 1968 attracted Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman. The modified four cylinder Volvo engine on a test stand in the parking lot was controlled by engine electronics run from a 120 VAC extension cord plugged into the building 100 feet away. Feynman saw the extension cord and thought he knew the source of the hoax he was so convinced it was. Feynman pulled the plug, but the engine continued to run. After about two minutes, the engine had not slowed down (running about 3000 rpm, as evidenced by the fan left on the engine to produce a visible effect) but started to run rough. Papp grew nervous and argued with Feynman to plug it back in. Feynman refused, so Papp yanked the cord from Feynman and plugged it in. The engine exploded, killing one bystander. Feynman accused Papp of placing explosives in the engine so it would be destroyed before legitimate testing could be done, in order to keep the hoax alive. Since a fatality occurred, the FBI got involved. No evidence of explosives was found. Papp sued Feynman and Feynman and Caltech settled out of court. If it were a hoax, there is no way Caltech would have settled out of court. It was done so Feynman and Caltech could save face.”

    Source: PESWIKI

    Thoughts on the Roser Demonstration Trajedy

    One could argue that Feynman sabotaged Papp’s demonstration at the Roser Demonstration, but there is no concrete evidence to point blame in either direction. The FBI investigated the scene of the explosion but found no traces of explosives. The engine was destroyed in the explosion so the investigation could not prove that Feynman unplugging the power cord feeding the control board for the engine actually caused the accident. Now from an technical point of view, I would lean more towards the latter. The FBI has never been labeled as incompetent when investigating an incident such as this. If there were explosives in Papp’s engine, the FBI would have found it. A multi-cylinder engine connected to a crank shaft must be timed perfectly in order to avoid over-compression and subsequent destruction of the cylinder walls. When Feynman unplugged the small 120 V extension cord that ran directly to the control board for the engine, there is only one possible conclusion. For one, 120 VAC could not have powered the apparatus. Secondly, the engine would have to be timed and engineered precisely to avoid an explosion due to over-compression. The patents show a control board that manages the engine’s timing precisely. Unplugging the timing board obviously was the cause of the explosion and the tragic death of the bystander. So it’s my opinion that this demonstration was sabotaged. Feynman settled with Papp out of court, which is another red flag that this was caused by Feynman over-skeptic and careless actions.

    Current Attempts to Replicate and Market the Papp Engine

    Rohner_noble_gas_Engine_300A company known as Intelligentry led by a rather untrustworthy character John Rohner, claimed to have a working prototype of the Papp engine. John renamed the engine process the “Plasmic Transition Process ™”. With modern control capability, John re-engineered the control schematics from Josef Papp’s patents and used it with a prototype 2 cylinder engine that has come to be known as the Plasmerg Engine. With a sketchy business practice, no reported witnesses of a running engine, and a recent raid by the FBI;  John Rohner is widely regarded as a fraud and a fake. He acquired millions from manufacturing licenses but never demonstrated a working engine. He even bought a large display booth at a 2012 tech show, claiming he would demonstrate it running. All they did was put it together. They never even attempted to fuel it and demonstrate it running. It would be a safe bet to assume that John Rohner is a complete fraud and that he staged the whole company in an attempt to get attention and acquire money. I personally cannot stand to even read any news regarding him out of disgust. In time the plasma engine will be a reality, I truly believe it’s a viable tech. But people like John Rohner only hinder progress and push away from achieving a truly clean and abundant source of energy. Nuff said :P.

    Other Attempts at Replicated a Plasma Motor.

    These are two other individuals working on developing and testing the Plasma Expansion effect:


    Russ Gries – Independent Replicator (Website: – (Youtube). Russ is the moderator owner of and has posted hundreds of videos on replication projects via his youtube user name “RWG42985”. I support his efforts and believe he is a trustworthy person who genuinely wants to help mankind.




    Bob-Rohner_TeslaTech2012_sq_rd Bob Rohner   (Website: His replications are demonstrated publicly and even disassembled for scrutiny. I have hopes that Bob is successful and wish him the best.



    More posts to come on Russ and Bob’s progress.




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