Team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes
    HHO (Hydrogen) Injection in Diesels....The Truth

    The number one failure I have found for energy inventions and claims is how they have measured the performance of their claim. This has been been a very big criticism of Robert Murray Smith for man years from many critics. We all know he is a rather clever man with a lot of useful information. He is often defensive when other engineers and scientist challenged his methodology used to measure his performance claims

    Now there is light in the end of the tunnel. Enter the CADEX C8000 battery analyzer/tester I have one of these (or a slightly different model) on my shopping list for early next year. To his credit Robert Murray Smith is now using  using one of these. Please see the videos.

    This will go a long way to bring about credibility to his work.

    Along with one of these battery testers,  a great scope and the skills to use one is also essential. I see many people using volt and amp meters only to be fooled what is really going on.

    Many thanks to Peter for this information


    The Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself in flexibility and affordable price. Test SMBus batteries, monitor cell balance and capture load signatures to observe batteries with a unique load protocol. Add a thermal chamber, an external load bank, a safety circuit and alarm to form a command center and you begin realizing the unique qualities of this fine battery testing system.

    • 4 independent digital drivers for maximum flexibility
    • 1.2V – 36V, 10A charge and discharge per channel
    • 100W per channel on charge; 80W on discharge



    Digital technology widens the test range, provides ultimate stability and gets more power into a compact housing than is possible with analog devices. Each channel can be programmed with up to 10A charge and discharge current each. Power handling is 100W per channel on charge and 80W on discharge, or 400W on charge and 320W on discharge on all four channels.

    The Cadex C8000 is more than a programmable power supply and load bank; the instrument has intelligence to assist in safe battery testing. Protected charge and discharge algorithms with redundant safety features identify a faulty battery and safely terminate the service should an anomaly occur. The system can be overridden for destructive tests.


    Each channel features a Battery Port and I/O Port for individual programming. The system includes:

    • Positive/negative input; 4-wire Kelvin
    • Analog thermistor input
    • 4 differential analog voltage inputs
    • 2 analog outputs
    • 4 input/output control for switching
    • SMBus, clock, data for smart packs
    C8000 Ports


    Use the C8000 as command center to control these accessories:

    • Thermal chamber *
    • Digital load bank
    • Heating element
    • Pressure gauge
    • Cell monitoring
    • Safety circuit
    • Alarms **

    * See Specifications for listing
    ** With PC-BatteryLab™ and Custom programs

    Building a Laboratory System


    Four differential (floating) analog inputs enable voltage check of up to 5 cells; 4 direct and one by voltage extraction.Monitoring Individual Cells


    With the Load Capture Unit, the Cadex C8000 takes load signatures and plays them back as a simulated load protocol to check battery runtime in the lab. Check the battery runtime with different load demands and battery types. The C8000 goes to 10A; an external load bank brings this up to 240A.Building a Laboratory System


    For higher load currents on discharge, you can connect the C8000 to a designated external load bank, enabling loads of up to 2,400 watts and 48 volts. (Supported on one channel only).

    See Specifications for listing

    C8000 with External Load Bank


    The Dual Power Port Cable ties two channels together to double the current from 10A to up to 20A. Applicable on discharge only.C8000 Dual Power Port Cable


    The Cadex C8000 reads register settings of SMBus batteries to verify function and identify anomalies.

    • Assists in the design of smart batteries
    • Checks cell voltages to verify proper function
    • Reads Full Charge Capacity (FCC)
    Smart Battery Testing


    The Cadex C8000 allows testing batteries under GSM, CDMA or other discharge protocols. Programming is in 50μs intervals and the minimum setting is 500μs.

    Runtime discharges a battery under three load conditions. You can set time duration and load levels. The cycle repeats itself until the capacity drops to the target setting. PC-BatteryLab™ provides charts and stores the results.

    Load Test


    The program verifies battery endurance by counting the cycles until the capacity drops to the target capacity. This helps select a battery and do incoming inspections to ensure consistent quality. The program is fully automated; PC-BatteryLab™ displays and stores the test.Lifecycle Test


    Team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes
    HHO (Hydrogen) Injection in Diesels....The Truth
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