Rosch: Free Energy For Sale Update
    Power circuit improves efficiency of energy harvesting to more than 80 percent.

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    The waste to fuel technology is important. Recycling what we have is just as important as fining new energy sources. This is areal win win situation tahts takes care of the waste issue at the same time

    Catalytic Tribochemichal Conversion (CTC)

    CTC is a process for oiling of high-molecular substances of organic origin. The process is characterized by combined application of catalytic and mechanochemical (tribochemical) mechanisms. As single-stage process it is different from other processes, where the liquid fuels are gained not as distillates, but by means of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis after gasification or carbonization.

    CTC works without high pressures, high temperatures or added hydrogen. The CTC product is a liquid, storable fuel. Numerous tests prove the usability in industrial burners or diesel engines.


    The first implementation of CTC technology on industrial scale was DIESELWEST (Germany, 2011). This plant processes a refuse derived fuel which is produced out of municipal solid waste in a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant and used in combined heat and power plants and in cement kilns.

    CTC potentials

    The transformation of different energy transfer mediums into an universally usable and marketable medium opens up potentials in:

    • Waste management industry  (high efficiency of high caloric fractions)
    • Agriculture and forestry (production of BTL – biomass-to-liquids – fuel)
    • Manufacturing industry (reduction of disposal and/or energy costs)
    • Petrochemistry (maximum utilization of input materials)
    • Energy industry (decentralized utilization of new resources in small units)

    Plants designed, built and commissioned by RECENSO are state of the art of engineering technology. Supply and disposal of the plants are carried out automatically in 24/7 operation.

    Automatic control equipment ensures a continuous production with minimum personnel. The scope of supplies includes tools for evaluating the operating data as well as an remote maintenance module which allows access to the system control via a secure internet connection.

    Recycling systems and machinery

    The affiliated company RETEK implements recycling systems for the recovery of raw materials from waste. Improving applications for ore dressing, RETEK uses mature and brand new technologies to recover non ferrous metals from compounds. Link


    Maximum efficiency

    Since Germany lacks natural ressources, it has a long tradition in the development of consumption-optimized technologies and processes. RECENSO constructs technical systems which answer the highest standards in regard of resource efficiency.

    Prime quality
    German engineering has an excellent reputation all over the world. RECENSO commits itself to this obligation and constructs technical systems according to German industrial standards. This applies in particular for plant and process safety and for the quality of the used components.

    Maximum focus on customer requirements

    The successful development and implementation of technical solutions require a close cooperation with the customer. RECENSO acts as partner of its customers. Good communication, holistic thinking and maximum flexibility ensure our customers’ success.

    Best staff and flat hierarchy
    RECENSO offers more than a job to qualified employees: In our project teams everyone is invited to contribute his/her expertise and to assume responsibility. Only extraordinarily motivated employess bring excellent results.

    Rosch: Free Energy For Sale Update
    Power circuit improves efficiency of energy harvesting to more than 80 percent.
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