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    In the past there have been many claims regarding water powered engines and free energy. Stan Myers was one of the most famous. None of the past claims have ever been independently verified or successfully replicated.

    The problem is not splitting the water into hydrogen and oxygen, or to make a water gas (HHO). The problem is it takes more energy to produce the hydrogen from water than can be obtained from consuming it through combustion or a fuel cell.

    The latest claim that is receiving a lot of main stream media is from a Greek Inventor Petros Zografos . Just before the end of 2016. the PBS network in the USA ran a story on it. Then they withdrew the clip with the following explanation.

    There have been questions raised concerning our report that aired on Dec. 27, 2016 about a Greek inventor who is developing a device that purports to turn water into power without requiring additional energy. Despite a team of Greek scientists praising the research, and the inclusion of an independent scientist dubious of the work, the News Hour acknowledges that our reporting of this segment should have been more skeptical. Our reporting and research should always ask more questions and seek greater insight. We are examining each step in our process, and we apologize to our audience for the lapses in this report. The PBS NewsHour is dedicated to presenting clear and thorough reporting on developments in science and technology, and we will be following up with more reporting on the important subject of clean energy as soon as possible.

    Here is the video clip that was removed.


    This was an earlier video demonstarting the device with an English translation


    The following is an explanation of the video posted at


    There he shows the basic principle by putting a little alloy metal plate into a glas tube with tap or saltwater
    and then puts the glas tube into the horn of a microwave pulse generator. This Pulse generator is powered by 7.5 Volts
    DC and uses only MilliWatts of power and then see, what big Hydrogen flame ge generates from it,
    which has at least 500 or 1000 Watts of heat energy power production when burning.

    Also as he can turn on and off the Microwave generator instantly, the Hydrogen production is really on demand
    and needs no storage and can be easily switched off, so there are no dangerous storage amounts of Hydrogen
    gas… you only need to carry water in your fuel tank !

    This is simular to the Technology the late John Kanzius had invented in 2007, but he needed
    about 500 Watts of 13.xx Mhz for a very small Hydrogen flame and his process thus was not overunity.
    Unfortunately John Kanzius committed again to Chemotherapy instead of a RawFood diet which killed him with his
    cancer illness… too bad..

    But now Petros Zografos has found the breakthrough to split water with very low electrical input power.

    Hope this helps to understand better the process behind it.
    Regards, Stefan.

    According to the Patent

    Here is the abstract from his Greek patent application:
    GR1007830 (B) ― 2013-02-13

    Novelty: There are disclosed a method and a device destined for water electrolysis and production of hydrogen to be used as combustible by combination of high frequencies produced by semitonic oscillators; when mixed, reinforced and combined, said frequencies contrive to break water into its elements (hydrogen and oxygen) upon influence of the coordination effect. Secondary frequencies configurating the structure of the primary frequencies for obtaining adequately-combined frequencies by means of the respective electronic circuit composed of an isolator, a mixer, a directional coupler, a multiplier, configurators, digital frequency controllers, and linear amplifiers can be introduced with the assistance of adequate main and auxiliary treatment equipments into the primary frequencies produced by the semitonic oscillators. The vibration of water molecules and the breaking thereof into hydrogen and oxygen are obtained by suitably-coordinated frequencies. The gases are, thereafter, separated by special sorting guides while the produced hydrogen is conducted through the respective specific connection to the energy generation mechanism for being used as fuel.
    LINK: GR1007830 (B)

    Water Powered Motorcycle

    The first manifestation of the technology was to power a scooter claimed to run 100% on water only. This is a video compiled by Stefan at

    Believe it or not

    If the device is indeed as claimed, this would be a major breakthrough. However it needs to be peer reviewed, and there is no need to wait before a patent has been granted to do this. I am still very skeptical given my past experience with other inventors making similar claims.

    Others skeptics have offered other explanations:

    The flame is not hydrogen. The yellow is from carbon. Most likely methanol, which only has a small amount of carbon and burns just like that.  Metal is heated inductively and boils methanol at 65C leaving behing the water it was mixed with. It was mixed so it wouldn’t burn. You can tell its boiling because the bubbles are huge. Electrolysis and gas evolution on metals give very fine bubbles – always.

    Some other red fllags have emerged. 

    Let’s ignore the fact that the hydrogen is not burning like hydrogen and let’s ignore the other fact that the bubbles are those of boiling, not those of a chemical reaction and focus on the chemistry. We see clearly that no oxygen is liberated.Judging by the large volume of the supposed hydrogen, a fair amount of oxygen needs to be locked up as hydroxide, eating up the metal .Reduction of the water bonded hydrogen to gas requires an electron from the metal. Now the metal bonds to the oxygen. The other hydrogen remains bonded to the oxygen as well, forming MOH, M being the metal, instead of water, HOH. This is simplified since different amounts of OH will attach to the metal depending on its valency .Since the metal is not from the alkali or alkali earths it will not be all that soluble and will show up as a white, colored or gelatinous precipitate. But we see nothing of the kind. There is a very unlikely scenario of OH. radicals forming and converting into H2O2 but this is known to be very small side reaction in radiolysis of water.

    Testing Emissions

    Some of you may remember several years ago the claim out of NZ of a motorcycle that ran on water.  This was covered internationally on  60 mins .  Steve Ryan’s motor bike was totally busted by the emissions test showing expected levels of hydrocarbon suggesting alcohol was the moat like source of energy.

    One of the simple tests I used for many years was to test the emissions from any claimed hydrogen combustion system. There should be no hydrocarbons. (apart from a small amount attributed to lubrication systems)

    One of the people who contacted  Petros Zografos in regards to his scooter posed the following:

    I am not familiar with his process but I did speak with him briefly last year ,[when I heard he was driving his Scooter around on the technology]  I asked Him if he could go to one of the hundreds of Auto Emission centers in Greece and just hook the machine up to his scooter and just publish the report ? His response was  “talk to my Lawyer”

    Editors Note

    At this stage I am not discounting this technology a a possibility, however the behavior so far of the inventor and people surrounding him does not do anything for my confidence levels. I would bet phrase it as the evidence and data supplied so far has been insufficient to prove their claim. Their unwillingness to subject the claims to simple tests or to be peer reviewed also raises some alarm.




    Zapp Works Batteries last 100 years
    How to to bring lithium-air batteries closer to practice
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