NRGlabs Announces Their Semiconductor Thermoelectric Generator

    Revolution-Green is up and running! Welcome everyone! Our goal is to bring you the latest news regarding green energy developments and provide a mature blog for discussion. We will cover topics such as wind turbine farms, solar cell technology, bio-fuels, etc… We will also have a discussion area for non-conventional energy technology such as LENR, Vacuum Energy, HHO, and Semiconductor Thermogenerator. We wish to spread awareness of our current energy crisis and shed some highlights on those who are bringing us closer to being free from the bonds of fossil fuels.

    As most have heard and even felt in their pocket books; the price of oil is steadily climbing and at an increasing rate. Carbon emissions are at an all time high. Heck i can’t walk outside on a calm sunny day here in Utah without being choked by smog. Global temperatures are on the rise and more and more it feels like our governments do not take this seriously. It’s time people became educated on the facts and are aware of the possible solutions to both our energy crisis and the environmental catastrophe mankind has brought on themselves. By providing the information to you, we feel it will promote ingenuity, new ideas, and possibly save our future generations from climate disparity and energy slavery.

    Coming soon, Revolution-Green will provide an area for posting DYI, replication,  and open source projects. We will never promote a known scam and we make it our goal to validate, provide the sources to replicate, and eventually bring to market new innovative clean energy projects.

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    NRGlabs Announces Their Semiconductor Thermoelectric Generator
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