Zero Fossil Fuel Smart Scarecrow Interview
    Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2016

    With a thermal efficiency of 78% and an overall efficiency of 49.9%, we have created the world’s most efficient bladeless turbine.


    That is claim from 3DP International the company selling the turbines. This story gets interesting when I found the following Statement on the companies web site: The technology was verified by NASA in 2012, and by world famous debunker Mark Dansie. In layman’s terms, we turn heat into cold, and the byproduct is electricity. Once in a while, technology takes a giant leap forward, and changes the world. This is one of those times. 3DP International is dedicated to solving the world’s energy problems.

    The problem with that statement is I did not confirm the technology on my visit in 2012. I can not speak for NASA. I did however discuss the type of tests that would be needed to satisfy the claims being made, investors and critics. I was also under an NDA which I normally sign not only to protect the inventors interest but my own. I felt the technology was very original, well engineered and worthy of further testing and research. However I did not at the time verify anything.

    Recently, I had another inventor use my name rather liberally promoting another technology recently. Despite my requests not to do so several times in the past. In that case the irony was the inventor involved (who I will not name because I am under NDA) said he felt I was not qualified to test it. Often that is the case, so I call in other specialists, which I did who also advised on what would be required to support the claims being made, and pass investor scrutiny.The usual outcome when people do not get to hear what they want to here is often disappointment (expected) but often threats and personal attacks. One day I will write a book on some of my adventures in testing these technologies. I never have expectations, or desired outcomes, I only seek the truth

    I have viewed well over a hundred technologies in many countries, some with a lot of potential but none that could make a free energy claim. Other technologies like the turbine I will feature here are not claiming overunity, but if the figures live up to whats claimed would make a real difference in energy efficiency especially in power production. I will let our readers draw their own conclusions on this one as I have not had an update on its status for 3 years.

    The Turbine

    Our patented technology uses an accelerated fluid into a harmonically balanced stream, also known as a boundary layer, that mimics the Earth’s exosphere. This allows for positive contact to the cohesive surface of the rotor itself, resulting in the highest possible efficiencies. Additionally, this carries through a much longer range of RPM speeds, allowing for throttling of the turbine. The bladeless design, with its advanced plenum, and jet ring simplicity make for an unprecedented product life span, and ultra low cost of manufacturing.

    What works the turbine is a specialized refrigerant known as Pentafluoropropane, or 245FA. It has a boiling point of 59.5 degrees Fahrenheit, and superheats at 120 degrees F into a vapor. The fluid expands very rapidly due to a high thermodynamic efficiency (59%) and high enthalpy at phase change. The fluid is non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic. If the vapor escaped into the atmosphere, it would immediately condense back to liquid form. There are other existing technologies using 245FA, but they fall short in simplicity of design, power-to-weight ratio, cost effectiveness, and scalability.


    About 100 years ago, a man named Nikola Tesla envisioned a world of ubiquitous energy. He foresaw a world where everyone would have access to cheap, reliable power. He invented A/C power and secured hundreds of patents. As part of that vision, Tesla re-imagined a new type of power turbine, which is the basic building block of electricity generation in the world today. His new turbine would be bladeless, and would double the effeciency of its bladed predecessor. After numerous attempts, however, Nikola eventually abandoned his efforts. Many key advancements were made, but Tesla did not manage to make his vision for ubiquitous power into a reality.

    10 years ago, a man named Brian Williams was  researching power technologies and came upon Tesla’s notes. He made it his goal to complete and perfect Tesla’s bladeless turbine design. After 5 years, Brian cracked the code and finished his first working version of the “Subsonic Bladeless Turbine”. He then turned his sights toward the working fluid that drives turbines. After looking at numerous fluids, he chose a refrigerant that boils at 59.5 degrees F. At 100 degrees F, our refrigerant reaches 19 PSI, which is enough to turn our 3″ and 5″ turbines. 100 degree heat can be found almost anywhere, making it possible to generate electricity practically everywhere.

    Our system uses heat to make electricity, and the level of heat we need exists almost everywhere. Even when renewable heat sources are not available, we can use non-renewables part of the time. Therefore, renewable sources (such as sunlight) can be used together with non-renewables (like natural gas) when needed.
    We have created the first truly hybrid power generation technology, that can run 24/7, anywhere in the world. Our refrigerant loop is a closed loop, meaning that none of the refrigerant ever escapes. We do not rely on water to drive our turbines, and all that water we save can be used for drinking, growing crops, and saving the planet.

    I wish Brian all the best and do hope the technology works as claimed, but as of today I have not endorsed or validated it.


    Zero Fossil Fuel Smart Scarecrow Interview
    Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2016
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