Molten Aluminium For Energy Storage
    Water Powered Blue Energy

     The world’s largest solar plant is up and running in California, with the completion of Topaz, a 550 megawatt plant; the Topaz solar project completed its final 40-megawatt (AC) phase, reported Greentech Media

    topaz soalr farmWhile we await the first watt to be produced from a free energy machine the world moves on with more renewable technology. Many installations like this one, are financed by utility and investment companies. The great thing about solar is the individual can have energy independence and freedom by installing their own system at home. I am puzzled why the free energy or energy freedom brigade do not embrace these already proven technologies.

    For the price of a Yildiz magnetic motor you could install a good 5 KW system with inverter and storage. If you were grid connected proberbly a 10kw system. No moving parts or mechanics to worry about. It seems the QEG, QmoGen and many other people just have their head in the sand. Whats wrong with harvesting wind or sunlight? I guess you have to look at what their real agenda is, including revolution, upheaval and tyranny.

    I am not referring to the many excellent inventors and energy researchers, many working from home and doing a great job.To all of you I salute you.

    The Topaz Solar Farm

    “As of today,” wrote Eric Wesoff on November 24 in Greentech Media, “the project has installed 9 million solar panels across 9.5 square miles in San Luis Obispo County on California’s Carrizo Plain. Construction began in 2012 and was expected to be complete in early 2015—so call this an on-time delivery.” Engadget said that “It’s an impressive feat that should power 160,000 homes on Pacific Gas and Electric’s grid.”

    This is a $2.5 billion project, with construction that began two years ago. The owner is MidAmerican Solar, a Pheonix, Arizona-based subsidiary of MidAmerican Renewables. Topaz is described by MidAmerican Solar as a 550-megawatt photovoltaic power plant. The developer for the project is listed as First Solar, discussing on its website the project that will produce sufficient electricity to power 160,000 average California homes. Topaz is located in San Luis Obispo County, California, on the northwestern corner of the Carrisa Plains.




    First Solar said that site was chosen after considerations regarding available solar resource, proximity to existing electrical transmission lines, current land use, and environmental sensitivities. They said that Topaz is sited on largely “non-prime,” actively tilled agricultural land that has “limited productivity.” At the northwestern edge of the Carrisa Plains, added First Solar, Topaz is more than six miles from the more sensitive habitats in the Carrizo Plain National Monument. According to fact sheet notes from MidAmerican Solar, the Topaz project is being built on previously disturbed agricultural land with a minimally impervious surface that allows for natural drainage and low-impact development and has the best solar insolation in Pacific Gas and Electric’s service territory. The Topaz project is designed to function as productive grassland habitat for native plants and animals while being used for passive farming of the sun’s energy. Water used during construction is primarily for dust control. During operation, the panels do not require washing and vegetation is maintained to help with dust control.



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    Molten Aluminium For Energy Storage
    Water Powered Blue Energy
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