Measuring Free Energy
    New Hydrogen Catalyst offers some hope for a hydrogen economy

    It is now nearly 12 months when we published our annual Yilditz magnetic motor fraud update.

    As predicted no units were produced or delivered by the end of March this year (2015). It appears nothing has been updated on his website since April. The silence is deafening. This little sham has been running for a number of years. It has been 6 years since the demonstration at the Delft University in Holland, and 2 years since the display in Geneva.

    The Geneva event was where  is where the famous Peswiki story: “35+ Reasons Why I Think The Yilditz Magnetic Motor Really Works” was created.


    I have known personally of at least 3 private attempts to have the claims verified. In each case Yilditz and his merry band of followers backed out at the last moment. These people represented and significant investment portfolio. I am sure you can all figure out why all demonstrations were cancelled.

    I am sure the QEG team and many other free energy fraudsters can at least have some hope that they can spin their little scams out for a few years more. I think Yilditz has done well to avoid jail and keep this going for so long. People like Mike Brady with the Perendev Magnetic Motor were fare less fortunate and got a taste of the penal system in Germany.

    In  12 months I will publish another update.

    Original Story

    The Gods must be crazy. A new press release from Yilditz has announced the production of 2000 x 5 kva generators in early 2015. 

    download (84)Of course it comes with the pay a third deposit now, then the balance by march 15th  and receive the device at the end of March. This type of deal has often used by many others who have promoted energy devices without third party validation. We all remember Magnacoaster who took deposits many years ago and I have friends still waiting.  The release from prison of Mike Brady recently was another reminder of the dangers of outlaying deposits on unverified technologies.

    At all public demonstrations and some private, Yiltidz has failed to demonstrate in a convincing way a self running device that accounts for other possible power inputs  without any doubt. This is full of Red Flags and it really is the case of buyer beware. I have been a critic of Yilditz for many years and received a fair amount of “we will prove you wrong” correspondence for many years.


    The public announcement came via the Peswiki :


    From January 1st 2015, the production of magnetic rotators will be started for the power ranges of up to 5 kva.
    The technical preparations for the power ranges over 5 kva, are being continued.

    After the legal statements that are required, the serial production will be started also for these power ranges.
    For the moment, 2 types of products will be released.
    1 – Electric power generator
    2 – Power generator at different speeds and torques (PTO)
    At first, a total of 2,000 units of 5 kva electric energy power generators will be released. (220 Volts, 25 Amperes)

    Sales will be done with a pre-request system. The expected price of the 5 kva electric power generator is 15.100 Euro + V.A.T

    The customers whose pre-requests are be confirmed, will deposit 5.100 Euro + V.A.T to the HMSB Inc bank account, and send the receipt to the e-mail address

    The invoice and agreement forms will be sent to the addresses of the first 2,000 receipt owners.
    Our customers whose agreement process is finished and approved, will deposit the remaining amount of 10,000 Euro + V.A.T, to HMSB Inc bank account, by March 15th, 2015.

    The products will be delivered by the end of March 2015.
    As of today, the centers of distribution are Turkiye, Italy and Germany.
    Turkiye is the head office. All deliveries will be done to the distributors from Izmir.
    To see terms of distributorship for other countries, please visit our website, and fill the contact form.

    For production licensing and dealership, you may contact us in the same way.
    HMSB Magnetic Energy Machine Production and Consulting Inc.

    Muammer YILDIZ

    The Gods Must be Crazy

    This has been going on for a number of years. At least one thrid party who invested in the past ended up in a court case with Yilditz. Other potential investors have  failed to have their due diligence requirement met. Yet some people strongly believe this is real like other do in the QEG etc. In my opinion this technology remains unconvincing,  not demonstrated in an acceptable way or third party validated. We have heard in the past where it would be at Universities, and at many public venues.  Even the tests organised by Chava in Germany(which would have been very acceptable) were cancelled as one again Muammer Yilditz failed to show up with a demonstrable device.

    Will Dr. Jorge Duarte be putting his name to this and guaranteeing the technology?  This will be a real test of his conviction and support of the technology as this is entering into new uncharted waters legally. What will be interesting is if anyone does pay up and fails to receive the device what will follow. In the case of Magnacoaster in Canada nothing much. What happened to Mike Brady in Germany should be a strong example of what could follow if money is taken and product fails to be delivered, or third party validated to the courts satisfaction.

    No doubt the free energy cheer squad will once again assemble and will try and cast anyone who asked reasonable questions as trolls, demonic and naysayers. And as always in the past they will disperse when the technology fails to deliver awaiting another opportunity to rise up and declare the “revolution has arrived.” They will use faith not science to try and convince others. The only trouble I have with that approach is the revolution is already here with solar, wind, electric cars and daily breakthroughs in energy generation and storage. Perhaps it does not meet their agendas. Perhaps the numbers do not add up? Who knows as the Gods must be crazy.


    Happy Thanks Giving Everyone Stateside. I miss the football and the beer.



    Measuring Free Energy
    New Hydrogen Catalyst offers some hope for a hydrogen economy
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